I was first struck with the style of cinema using only stills and narration when I saw Chris Marker’s La Jetee. Most know the story told years later in 12 Monkeys¬†but Marker’s movie is a much more daring piece of filmmaking and one of the greats of science fiction. Using black & white still images only, he constructed a moody, stark vision of the future and time travel. It has no motion, at least in a typical sense.

Again, the style captured my attention. For years I’ve wanted to play with it and knew that when I wrote Detective Shaves, it was time. I don’t think it will be the only instance either. Movies without motion, a different direction for Running Wild Films.

La Jetee is available to watch on youtube in its entirety. I think it’s essential viewing for any filmmaker. Detective Shaves will be released soon through our website.

-Travis Mills