New Feature Film Announcement: SILVER SLIPPER

We are proud to announce that we will be starting production on a new feature film Silver Slipper this July in Arizona. The film will feature Arizona actress Kk Starrs in the lead. Starrs also appears in our recent film Cornbread Cosa Nostra.

The film tells the story of a young woman who decides to auction off her virginity through a website, based on similar real life situations of recent years. This is a micro-budget independent drama filming during July in the Phoenix area.

We are accepting video auditions for several supporting roles in the film. This is for copy, credit and meals only. There is no further compensation for the project. Email with your headshot/resume/reel (if you have one) to submit for the project and we will send you sides.

Here is the list of the supporting characters to audition for:

Rian’s Mother: Female, Late 30s to Late 40s, Sophisticated, Pretty, Shallow

Rian’s Boyfriend: Male, 16-20, Attractive, Cocky, Insecure

Ashley: Female, 16-20, Rian’s Best Friend, Extroverted, Secretive

The Owner: Male, 30 to 45, Ordinary, Owner of an Escorting Website

Doctor: Male or Female, 40 to 55, Rian’s Doctor, Cautious

Again, please submit your information to Filming takes place in the second half of July. Here is the teaser poster for Silver Slipper, shot and designed by Jared Kovacs.