A couple months ago at the Tempe library with film patron Mark Wright, I spotted a DVD for a movie called Night Train. It looked cheap, old, and no good. I could tell from the back that it was Polish, made around the same time as Knife in the Water.

I showed Mark and in the next few minutes we discovered two others: Night Train to Munich and Night Train to Paris. I’d seen Munich, a fun WWII adventure by Carol Reed. Something about these titles captured me. There was a book I read a while back called Night Train as well, by a British writer named Martin Amis. It was a dark, bleak modern stab at Pulp/Noir.

And when I watched the Polish film, I was done for. It was old and some of it was cheap, but it was beautiful. Some haunting music and brokenhearted/gritty characters and I was hooked.

I had to write my own Night Train and since we live and make movies in Phoenix, it had be Night Train to Phoenix. We start shooting tonight. Here is a taste of the Polish movie:


-Travis Mills