Running Wild Films’ debut feature continues to gather more press. Read these articles below to hear what critics have to say about The Big Something.

Chris Coffel of Trashwire says the movie is a ” laugh-out-loud, screwball comedy with a Raising Arizona-like charm”. Read the rest here.

Pete Etep of AZ Kaos calls it “the first salvo shot in a rejuvenated local indie filmmaking scene”.  Read the rest here.

Susan Rienzo wrote an article about the movie and the AZ film scene. She claims the movie is a “big step forward for AZ indie filmmaking”. Read her article here.

Finally, here is an interview blog Fast, Cheap Movie Thoughts (one of Moviemaker’s top 50 blogs for filmmakers) published recently with director Travis Mills about the making of the movie. Read it here.

Keep checking back for more word about The Big Something and the online release coming this month!