Before there was Running Wild Films, Dave Surber and I made movies under the name Guerrillastar. We produced a few shorts. Two of them (Bloody Basin and The Ruffians) were screened at the AZ Underground Film Festival. Dave moved to New York a little while ago but Guerrillastar never dies.

Now I’m happy to say that Dave and I will be working together again as he is flying out from the East Coast to shoot The Detective’s Lover. I can’t wait to make cinema with him again.

For a taste of some of our early work, here are a few Guerrillastar shorts:

Bloody Basin (Directed by Dave Surber, Produced by Travis Mills)

[vimeo id=”20494533″]

The Ruffians (Directed by Travis Mills, Cinematography by Dave Surber)

[vimeo id=”21457217″]

Pigeons (Directed by Travis Mills, starring Dave Surber)