Blog written by Holly Foreman

Not the type to rest on its laurels, Running Wild Films is off and, well … running… again. While founder Travis Mills is on the road showing the Best of the F2 Films / 52 Weeks projects, other members of Running Wild are also keeping busy. Several projects in the works promise to build on our reputation for creating quality films using all Arizona resources.

“King’s Gambit,” directed by Kyle Gerkin, is a short crime film in our upcoming Van Buren Anthology. It features some of our veterans as well as actors new to Running Wild Films such as Bob Barr and Marissa Salazar. The story follows an elderly wheelchair-bound man and his friendship with a young Mexican girl who brings him groceries. Though sitting isn’t something we actually do at Running Wild, Gerkin returns to the director’s seat following the announcement that his recent film “After the Beep” is nominated for the IFP’s Best Film of the Year and will compete with other IFP Challenge winners at the upcoming Phoenix Film Festival.

Behind the scenes of "King's Gambit." Directed by Kyle Gerkin

Behind the scenes of “King’s Gambit.” Directed by Kyle Gerkin

Another team regular takes her first turn as a Running Wild Director. Mia Moss makes her debut with “Cinder in the Dark,” a script based on a story written by Travis Mills. “Cinder” follows a mysterious man who rents a sofa from a single mom and her son. So far, Michelle Palermo has been cast as the lead and Moss plans to shoot in April. Other cast members include Jake Moss and Travis Mills.

For those who know him, it’s strange to realize that Michael Hanelin has not directed his own film yet. Having done just about everything else on set, he will take his first Director credit with “Street People,” another of the Van Buren Anthology. Also written by Travis Mills, “Street People” is about a young girl trying to survive a harsh life down on her luck in Phoenix. Hanelin has cast 52 Films vet Hailee Cruzen and RWF familiars Greg Lutz and Jonathan Medina. Look for Medina to also appear opposite Hanelin in the next feature from Running Wild, “Duel at the Mound,” filming in April.

For an indie film company with a small budget, expect big things from Running Wild Films. In addition to these current projects, we are progressing on our next feature length film releasing in fall of 2014. “Duel at the Mound” takes a unique angle on baseball and redemption. We are also working on “Girl in the Alley” and “Lady Cop,” more of the Van Buren shorts. Expanding on our fondness for spy dramas, we will film “The Table Affair,” and we revisit the world of sports with “Game Time” written by Gerkin. Pre-production is underway on our next almost-impossible project: 12 Western Films in 12 Months, filming in 2015.

Resting on laurels? Who has time for that?!