In celebration of more than five years as a film company, based in Arizona, we begin a retrospective of our work. This will include our short films, music videos, commercials, documentaries and much more…


The early years of Running Wild were characterized by off the cuff exploration of filmmaking. Perhaps our films have gotten better now but there was something beautiful in our youthful ability to just run out and make something without thinking too much about it. Such was the case with this short, inspired by a folk tale surrounding filmmakers Werner Herzog and Errol Morris, and shot around Halloween. A friend of Running Wild’s from Chicago, Spencer Carey, was in town and Spencer is the rare person who can inspire me to do pretty much anything (sometimes dangerous anythings) spontaneously. So we thought this movie urban legend was cool and had some fun recreating it in our own zero budget way. We were also psyched on “witch house” music at the time, hence the copyrighted soundtrack that we did not have the rights for.
-Travis Mills