In celebration of more than five years as a film company, based in Arizona, we begin a retrospective of our work. This will include our short films, music videos, commercials, documentaries and much more…


It all began in a hotel room on Van Buren with a budget of 60 dollars for the location and some pizza. The actors walked in and remarked that the place was filthy; I didn’t think it was dirty enough. We had two crew (including myself). I held the microphone while in some scenes the DP had to literally hold the lights in the air. How did this all come to be? I hadn’t made a film in close to a year after being burnt out from film school. Suddenly hungry, I asked Gus Edwards (my retired film professor who I would form the company with) to give me a script, any script. I didn’t care if it was good or not. I wanted to direct. More importantly, Gus and I wanted to do things differently: to tell stories fast, with little to no budget, learn from our mistakes and most of all, focus on staying in Arizona to make “local cinema”. It was the dawn of Running Wild.
-Travis Mills