Blog written by Holly Foreman

In February of 2014, we at Running Wild Films debuted our biggest project to date: 52 Films in 52 Weeks. These short stories, adapted from classic works of fiction, have now gone on the road. A selection of the “Best of the 52” will be shown in Jacksonville, FL on March 18th, and in Brookhaven, MS on March 21st.

Director Travis Mills has family in Mississippi, and he frequently visits the area for inspiration while writing and planning new projects. It was only fitting that he take the 52 back to Mississippi for one of its first showcases on the road. Mills set off with Running Wild mascot Bandit in tow, and the two are currently busy exploring the south.

If the project is done and the films have been successfully shown where they were made in Arizona, then why go through the trouble of traveling to showcase them elsewhere? Mills says that once a film is created, it is a living breathing thing. Instead of just sitting on a shelf, it deserves to be seen. The idea of watching 52 films is a daunting task, and so when the films are on tour, the best selections of the group are shown.

Mills is also quite passionate about filmmaking and supporting other indie filmmakers. He wants people to know what is possible, even in the face of seemingly impossible odds. Running Wild made 52 films in a year, with a budget of only $12,000. Mills hopes the project will inspire others to stretch beyond their comfort zones and assumed limits to make something even better than what they think they are capable of.

The southeast is only the beginning of the 52 on the road. In June, the Best of the 52 will be shown at the second annual Jerome Indie Film & Music Festival. Screenings are also in the works for Colorado Springs, Chicago, and Austin, TX. The team hopes to stretch beyond our own borders as well and explore international opportunities.

Watch the Running Wild Films facebook page at for more about the 52 on the Road.