Left to right: James Alire (Sound), Jordan Gorla (Cinematographer), Webb Pickersgill (IFP), and Travis Mills (Director)

The Running Wild Films team took home the top prize at the IFP 48 Hour Film Challenge this weekend for our film titled Shine Like Gold. Assembled by Jordan Gorla, it was Running Wild’s first time competing in a 48 hour competition and we were proud to be a part of IFP’s program.

Shine Like Gold is about a daughter trying to reconnect with her grieving father over the death of his son. The actors featured were Rob Edwards and Michael Coleman of The Big Something, and Morgan Darian who took home the IFP award for Best Actress.

The song, “The Trophy”, was provided by Gregg Caraway, a great country songwriter, and won the award for Best Music.

The top prize for Shine Like Gold guarantees it a spot in the next Phoenix Film Festival. Check back for more information about that and other Running Wild Films projects.

-Travis Mills