Sunday July 8th we gathered at Xtreme Bean in Tempe, Arizona for a screenplay reading of my next feature, THE MEN WHO ROBBED THE BANK. Present were myself, Gus Edwards, Jacqueline Bernatt (our new marketing director), Michael Coleman (reading the screenplay description), Jeff Secorsky and Gordon Cowie (shooting footage), Sean Golden (recording audio) as well as the cast which includes: Dean Veglia, Frank Gonzalez, Michael Hanelin, Rob Edwards, Stacie Stocker and Steve Briscoe.

From left to right: Rob Edwards, Michael Coleman, Dean Veglia and Frank Gonzalez

It was a good start to pre-production which begins now and runs through production on our third feature, BLACK EROS, and ends when we shoot the movie in late September. Check back for clips from the reading and more.

Frank Gonzalez