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Stacie Stocker plays Stacie, the ring leader of the bank heist. She’s the lady with the plan. It’s up to her to wash the money and be back to the house within five hours for the split. Will she make it in time? And what she will find when she walks through that door with the money?

Interview by Holly Foreman

What first attracted you to this project?
I loved the idea of a woman running an all-male group of bank robbers.  It was also different from most of the roles I was being cast in at the time. Plus I had just worked with Running Wild on “The French Spy” and wanted to do more with them.

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What in your background did you draw on when preparing for your role? How did it help?
Like Stacie, I’m a control freak and a perfectionist.  She was one because she had to be, I am just that way for no particular reason.  I also used my parenting background because it helped to keep her in control of the guys like I have to keep in control of my kids.

What do you think most people who know you will be surprised to learn about this film? Why?
I planned an actual bank robbery.  It was a pretty good plan too, though it did have a few holes.  I think it would have been as perfect as the film robbery if I had more time to put it together.  Well maybe not – Stacie had a lot more experience at that then I do!  We got together and met at a loud sports bar, in character, to discuss the plan.  When I say “we talked about this” in the film, we actually had talked about it, for the most part.

Why should people download the film?
It’s an interesting take on a bank robbery film; it really isn’t what you’d expect.  And the actors did an awesome job bringing the “men” to life!

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What did you struggle with the most?
Honestly – these interview questions!  I’m not great at this.  But as for the film, staying in control was the hardest.  I am a control freak about how I want my life to go, about how I want my kids to behave.  I won’t get totally drunk because I don’t want to be out of control of what I say and how I behave.  (Though it did happen once recently, I just had very few witnesses!)  But Stacie is in control of everything she says and every emotion she has and every single part of her life, and Travis had to keep me in line to keep her on that path.

What was the worst thing about being on set? What was the best?
Oh! The worst thing was when the boys all decided to lighten Michael Hanelin’s undressing scene by stripping to their boxers, and I thought I’d surprise them all by coming in undressed from the waist down and …nobody….noticed. Yep, nobody.  Now I’m hoping that one of two things happened.  One, I had successfully become one of the guys, or two, I had kept my nylons on  because, well, it definitely  wasn’t boxers I was wearing underneath, and they matched my skirt, so it all kind of looked the same. Yeah it had to be one of those two things, definitely… Right?!

The best thing was working with such a talented group of guys….

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 Did Travis Mills yell at you? (And did you yell back?!)
If he did I don’t remember, and if I don’t remember then I probably didn’t realize he was yelling at me so I probably wouldn’t have yelled back.   Actually that’s not true, I was in my character and she has to be cool under the greatest of pressure.  I probably would have just let any yelling fly over my head…which is probably why I don’t remember ever being yelled at.  No I’m pretty sure he didn’t yell….at me.  But in real life if someone were to yell at me, yea, the red head takes over!

How were the craft services?
Aaaawesome!  And homemade which was really nice.  And of course the Red Vines were there like they always are now. It’s the only reason I work with Travis you know…

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 What do you think your character will do with her part of the split?
There’s no question she’s done.  She is taking the money, her young boy and going to Fiji to retire and play.  Until she gets bored that is.  I’d be interested in seeing what happens when she gets bored….

What project is next for you?
I have a couple in the works right now, a film challenge, a short film, and two westerns.   I’ve kind of gravitated away from my theater roots and stuck mostly with film.  But I’ve recently taken on the exciting challenge of directing a stage play starring Colleen Hartnett and Michael Hanelin.  So look for us in November!