I am so proud to share the teaser trailer for the new Western I had the honor to help create, TERROR ON THE PRAIRIE. Watch it here:


Working on this film was a career high for me. I helped produce under the leadership of Dallas Sonnier and Amanda Presmyk who have created many of the best films of the last decade. Be sure to check out their latest thriller SHUT IN, available only on the Daily Wire.
I got to collaborate with director Michael Polish who I have been following since his masterful film Northfork. I shot B-camera footage alongside the great DP Steeven Petitteville and did stunts with the incredible coordinator Brian Christensen with many other talented collaborators like Oscar-winning makeup artist Jeff Dawn. Don’t forget to listen to my conversations with those two here: https://anchor.fm/makingwesterns


I was even honored to play a small role in the film after auditioning for casting director David Guglielmo! You might even see me in the trailer a time or two (or three)! However, the highlight of this teaser for me is the shot of Gina Carano screaming with the shotgun near the end. I found that shot and could feel chills while filming her takes.


This movie is going to be one you will never forget! Again, please share and keep supporting the work we’re doing.