In 2020, we are going to make 12 Western feature-length films in 12 Months. Crazy? Yes. Possible? Yes. Help us do it here on GoFundMe. Every dollar counts! One by one we are announcing what these Westerns will be and where they will be filmed. Stay tuned for more details.

The First of Twelve Westerns: The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach

We are proud to announce that the first of our 12 Westerns in 12 Months will be a film titled The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach. The feature-length movie will tell the story of Pearl Hart, one of the most infamous female outlaws of the Wild West. We are planning to produce this film in Arizona, where Hart’s stagecoach robbery and imprisonment occurred, in January of 2020 as the first of our twelve Westerns to be completed that year.

Originally we were developing a film provisionally titled The Women Who Robbed the Stagecoach which would have been a quasi-remake of our third feature film The Men Who Robbed the Bank, but in the Western genre instead of crime. However, I discovered the story of Pearl Hart and upon further reading have become fascinated with this woman who was born of “religious and affluent” parents as referenced in Wikipedia only to run away with an outlaw to Trinidad (a town I’ve always been drawn to), then Arizona, become a thief, an escapee, a celebrity and then a mystery.

Yep. That’s a movie. Anyway, I’m very excited to start developing this film about Pearl Hart and you will hear more soon about The Woman Who Robbed the Stagecoach.

-Travis Mills

Pearl Hart, the subject of our first of the twelve westerns.