Let me tell you a little about Two Voices. One of Gus Edwards’ monologue projects, he first cast Dean Veglia and Scott Scheall from our work with them in other movies. From there, rehearsals began and characters were developed. Gus and I started to flesh out these scenes. I wanted to do something more than we’d done with previous monologues, more than just a man or woman in a chair talking to the camera. Locations and visual concepts began to arise.

A month or so later, we shot Scott’s section with Jason Cowan behind the camera, this time a Panasonic DVX100. The only reason I mention the camera is that two months later, I directed the second segment of Two Voices¬†with Dean acting and a Canon T3i as the chosen equipment.

It wasn’t the original plan to have two different directors and cameras for the movie but the movie evolved that direction. This is what Running Wild Films is all about: not being constricted to one method or structure, but letting the style and choices arise through and within the work. We’re looking for something new in cinema. Here is Two Voices.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/26924899]

-Travis Mills