Months ago, I tried to adapt Sherwood Anderson’s short story “I Want to Know Why”. The concept was a fractured narrative taking place in three places and shot with three different cameras. One: imagines of a horse. Two: blurred images of a writer at work. Three: a young man exploring an abandoned stadium. We shot footage for all three using a Canon T3i, a Panasonic DVX100 and a Flip Video camera. We also recorded narration. And we, by the way, was Jason Cowan, Michael Coleman and myself.

Somehow the pieces just did not come together. But some of them, the ones of the abandoned stadium were too important to me to shelve forever. So I recently dusted them off and constructed a short movie that resembles only in part what we were attempting. However, I believe it lives on its own.

Now you can watch our adaptation of Sherwood Anderson’s “I Want to Know Why”. I recommend to anyone who hasn’t, read the short story. It’s one of the best ever written.

[vimeo id=”32288866″]

-Travis Mills