We thought we might give a small glimpse into some of the work we are doing in early 2011 at Running Wild Films. The following projects are currently in development:

The Gardener

McKenzie Goodwin directs her first short film for Running Wild. The story follows a man and woman trying to make ends meet as gardeners. It will be shot in January.

Hard Fighter

The story of a down-and-out boxer and a transsexual prostitute. We are currently casting for this film and scouting locations. We plan our production for February.

Detective’s Calendar

Currently in production, Detective’s Calendar is a fragmented short film which follows a young detective (played by Adam Cope, familiar with the detective role from his part in The Young Wife) and his experiences over the course of a year. It is our first project shot on the Flip Video camera. We are working off and on as the year progresses, letting the film evolve with time. Behind the camera are Jason Cowan as cinematographer and Travis Mills as director.