Of all filmmakers, the two who remain closest to what Running Wild is all about are Werner Herzog and Jean-Luc Godard.

Here are some excerpts from an interview in Film Comment with Herzog:

“Storytelling is a huge achievement of the human race. We should not underestimate its magnitude.”

“Of course storytelling has its own challenges today: television interrupts the flow of storytelling every nine minutes with a block of advertisements, a dangerous effect.”

“I have no mission. If I had a mission, I would be a missionary. We are facing a massive challenge to our sense of reality, because of the internet, virtual reality, Photoshop, which makes us doubt every photograph we see, and reality TV. Filmmakers have to find new answers. And the answer is not cinema verite, which was the answer of the Sixties. We have to find new forms, new ways to present, and explain and make transparent what reality is.”

“I find it rather suspicious that in the context of cinema you are talking about art. I am suspicious about art per se.”