As a precursor to our film project, 12 Western Feature-Length Films in 12 Months, which Running Wild Films and 5J Media will start producing in 2016, director Travis Mills shares his thoughts on films from the genre as he studies Westerns in preparation for our own. Follow the project here on Facebook

This series of short blogs is titled “Western Impressions”.

Seven Men From Now (1956)


Revisiting another Boetticher western and from the ones I’ve seen, though it seems Tall T and Ride Lonesome are usually considered his best, this is my favorite. Again Burt Kennedy’s writing is fantastic, Boetticher’s direction is so sharp, Scott is at his best here (his finest acting in my opinion), and the rest of the cast is perfect. Of course, it’s really Lee Marvin who steals the picture. He gives Boone a run for his money as one of the most likable and great Western villains. Marvin’s delivery of Kennedy’s lines is so nuanced and fascinating to watch. Boetticher understands that it is more powerful to make us confused about whether we want the villain to die or not.

Lasting impression: the final duel between Scott and Marvin  is one of the best in any Western