What Makes a Good Actor…

Well, it’s more than talent. For this director, there are a few things that count more than talent. Hard work and dependability. In plain words, do what you say you’re going to do. Contrary to popular opinion, this director doesn’t think actors are special. An Actor doesn’t mean more than a boom operator. Crew and cast, we’re all in it to make a good movie.

The following is a transcript of a text message conversation between director and actor. I hope that it will at least slightly amuse the reader, and maybe shed light on a side of movie making that has gone out of control. This director believes that the habits we develop when we’re “working for free” will dictate our later efforts.

Conversation occured after a post-poned meeting, another missed meeting, and a failed attempt by the actor to deliver a promised picture of herself in costume. Another meeting was confirmed, though the director was having severe doubts that it might ever happen.

*Text language used for accuracy

Director: Don’t flake again.

Actor: Ok, but calm down the attitude please.

Director: I’m calm. But I won’t stand for more missed meetings. I don’t have the time.

Actor: That’s fine but you do have an attitude, I’m trying, ur not shooting for awhile, it’s a short and a feel you talk rudely to me- I understand I missed meetings and I appoligised so I’d appreciate if you talked to me more respectfully. Thanks

Director: Build the respect by showing up on saturday and doing what you say you’re going to do.

Actor: No be respectful if u would like me to put in time and money for this project to work for free

Director: Alright [actors name deleted], so far i have delivered my end of the bargain. And you have not. You let me down a few times and there is no reason for me to believe that you won’t do so again. Sorry doesn’t mean anything to me if the pattern doesn’t change. We’re all putting in time and money for free, to make good work, so we’re all on the same ground. Now i don’t owe you respect until you start to live up to your end of the bargain and earn it

Actor: Either be respectful or find someone else. I could write the same script and shoot it with my production team. If I really wanted to do it that badly so I’m not worried about it. I don’t deserve to be talked down to, especially by someone who isn’t paying me, or submitting the film anywhere. It’s your call.

Director: You know what [actors name deleted]. You’re not dependable and you just confirmed that you have an attitude as well, a way of looking down on this project. You could never make Hard Fighter (name of this short film) because you don’t have it in you. I don’t think you know a thing about moviemaking but i don’t care even if you do. Because I’m done. I cant count on you to do even the small things.

Actor: Haha that’s funny bc I’m attached to two studio projects. Lol my manager is Andy Gould, look him up- but yeah I know nothing lol. You’re always be where u are bc u think u can treat ppl however u want and get them to work for free. News flash everyone in AZ thinks their a director, ur no different and from what I read Hard Fighter isn’t that good (*small note: upon first reading the script, this actor was quoted as saying the character in this script was the “role of a lifetime”). You had an attitude from day one but I thought I’d try to over look it. Good luck in whatever u think is “the industry” ull need it

Director: You’re right. I’ll always be where i am. I’ll always have an attitude for flakes and people who dont deliver. And i’ll never be in the industry. and it’ll all be okay. For many reasons, but mostly because i’ll never have to work with you

To Actors: You’re not Marlon Brando, so don’t act like him. In fact, this director would have told Marlon Brando to shove off. He was pain in the ass and I wouldn’t have dealt with his shit for two seconds.