As you probably saw, last week we wrapped production on our Porches and Private Eyes sequel, If These Porches Could Talk. This completes our quartet of feature films we set out to make in Mississippi after the success of the first film (the four being Blood Country, Cornbread Cosa Nostra, Son of a Gun, and this latest production). So what’s next for Running Wild Films over the next couple years?

Here’s an update on several of our projects:

Son of a Gun

Our Civil War tale is still in post-production with work beginning right now on the musical score, color correction, and sound editing/mixing. There is still a lot to do on this film and we don’t want to rush the release. That being said, we’re still aiming for a premiere in February/March 2019. Stay tuned!

Kings of Lincoln County: The Brookstock Movie

We find out this Thursday, November 8th, who the winners are for the Hometown Heroes competition. Our project is a finalist and still in contention for the prize(s). If we win, this rock ‘n’ roll movie will go on the fast-track towards production. Regardless of the outcome, the movie will be made! We’ll just need more time to raise additional funds and get the script exactly how we want it.

The Deadbeats

Other than our Arizona casting call, we haven’t said much about this new project but it is our next feature film slated for production! We’re returning to Arizona to make this dark comedy/thriller from a script by writer Chris Ruffin. All we can tell you right now is that it’s about a birthday clown who gets picked on just a little too much and loses it. We’re aiming to film this in late January/early February.

Silver Slipper

This past summer we filmed this experimental feature-length drama featuring actress KK Starrs in a story about a girl who decides to auction off her virginity. I’d say it’s one of our most daring projects and one that I can’t wait to show you. The film is currently being edited and due for release sometime next year.

The Mad Man of Miami Sequel 

A few of you saw our post-apocalyptic short film The Mad Man of Miami at the Bride of Violence premiere in Tempe, Arizona. The film received a great reception and we’re in the works on a follow up. The working title is The Seven Blood and the Pit Master. Production is penciled in for early January in Arizona. We’ll be in touch soon with more details on this one and keep your eyes out for an Amazon release of the first film in the coming weeks.

12 Westerns in 12 Months

Our most ambitious project yet: to make 12 feature length films in 12 months, all Westerns. This is our plan for 2020 and that means most of 2019 will be pre-production on these Westerns. We’re raising funds now through crowdfunding and private investors. We hope to make these films in Arizona, Mississippi, Colorado and other states that welcome our endeavor. You’ll be hearing more and more about this as 2019 begins!

Well folks, that’s it. I wanted to give you a little update and recap on what we’re up to next. I appreciate you following Running Wild Films.
-Travis Mills