We are excited to announce a casting call for supporting roles in the sixth of our 12 Westerns, Heart of the Gun. Here are details about the production and how to submit:

  • Production on this feature films takes place from June 8th through July 3rd, 2020, in Young, Arizona (closest town is Payson, Arizona)
  • You must be willing to work as a local hire if cast. This includes providing your own lodging and travel.
  • We are paying SAG ULB scale per day for each of these roles.
  • To submit, please find the side for each character below and record a video audition. Upload and send a link via Vimeo, Youtube, or Google Drive to travismills@runningwildfilms.com. Do not send dropbox or wetransfer links.
  • All submissions due by March 24th, end of day.

Apache Warrior

Male, 30-40 – The Narrator of the story, as well as a character, he is serious and authoritative. He is one of the last Apache Renegades being chased down during the Apache Wars. He is a Geronimo type. Click the following link: Apache Warrior Sides

Captive Woman

Female, early to late 20s – is found after being taken and help against her will and held for a long time. Click the following link: Captive Woman Sides


Male, 25-45 – Piano Player at a saloon/brothel, a kind and upbeat man whom is a friend of Sarah’s. Actor MUST be able to play piano. Click the following link: Chris Sides


Male, 40s-50s – a brief companion to Sarah, aging and intoxicated but not belligerent. He is completely oblivious of his terribly perfect timing. Click the following link: Drunk Sides


Male, 28 to 40 – A misogynistic buzz kill, he’s not happy if he’s not winning. His brewing irritability soon erupts into a fight. Click the following link: Gambler Sides

Hotel Owner

Female, 50 plus – an older woman that is frail but patrons know better than to cross her, an real grouch. Click the following link: Hotel Owner Sides


Male, 40 to 60 – His mustache, teeth, and chin stained with tobacco juice but he’s not afraid to hide them with a big grin now and then. One of three mean and dirty Mountain Men. Rotten grin, sarcastic. Click the following link: Rube Sides


Male, 18 to 25 – Patchy beard or no facial hair, Timmy is rude, he talks loud and fast. One of three dirty Mountain Men. The youngest of a rotten trio. Click the following link: Timmy Sides