We are excited to share with you the first round of roles from our two-part Natchez Trace films for which you can audition for at our second Mississippi casting call, September 21st in Vicksburg. Click here for audition details.

Also, below you will find sides to prepare for these characters. Production is estimated to take place in October/November of 2020 in Mississippi. The Natchez Trace films are told in chapters like Kill Bill or Pulp Fiction and the characters below would be considered supporting roles in their respective sections. On a case by case basis, some of these roles may be paid SAG scale and others will be for copy/credit only.

Please contact me at travismills@runningwildfilms.com with any questions.

The following portraits by Goya have been used not to show the exact physical look I am going for but to give an idea of the general type and attitude I see for the character.



Anthony Glass

  • Age Range: 45 to 65
  • Anthony Glass is a well-respected merchant but he is in secret association with outlaws.
  • Please prepare the following scene: Anthony Glass



James May

  • Age Range: 30 to 45
  • James May is a mysterious character. At once, he seems to be on the trail of certain Natchez Trace outlaws to collect a bounty but he may have other unrevealed intentions and connections.
  • Please prepare the following scene: James May



John L. Swaney

  • Age Range: 35 to 55
  • Swaney is a mail carrier. He transports the mail from Natchez to Nashville along a dangerous route. By chance, he develops a personal attachment to the most famous Trace outlaw, Samuel Mason.
  • Please prepare the following scene: John L. Swaney



Madame Aivoges

  • Age Range: 35 to 50
  • Madame Aivoges runs one of the most known brothels in Natchez. She is a business woman but still retains her seductive ways.
  • Please prepare the following scene: Madame Aivoges