Valley of Shadows – Unproduced Script



Read the yet-to-be produced feature film script, Valley of Shadows. This film is based the true story of Don Bolles, the first journalist to be assassinated in the line of dusty on American soil. He was killed in Phoenix, Arizona after his car was bombed.  What followed was a historic collaboration of newspapers across the country as for the first time in journalism history, rival publications teamed up to solve this crime and expose corruption in Phoenix.

Valley of Shadows is an L.A. Confidential/All the President’s Men style crime procedural about the tragedy of Don Bolles’ death and the amazing effort by reporters from around the U.S. that followed. This fictionalized account of what happened was based on extensive research including testimonies by those who were there. All names of real persons, other than Don’s, were changed in the writing process. After the completion of Durant’s Never Closes, which also touches on the Bolles story, I attempted to make this my next film. Our goal was to produce the movie for a million dollar budget and attach name talent. The funding never came to be and the project has been on hold since. It is possible we will still produce this film and the project may be re-approached in the future on a smaller budget.

A little extra trivia: Ben Affleck once attempted to make a film about the subject. Perhaps one of us will make it someday…


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